Ready to Plan Together? Here’s how to get the most from our workshop, September 8-14

Look who’s coming to the party:

The staffs and elected officials of two historic West Virginia towns; a consulting team of more than 30 specialists in design and planning across a half-dozen disciplines; officials from three federal agencies; and property owners, business people and citizens from throughout the region.

All will be participants in the weeklong collaborative workshop that kicks off at 7 p.m. on September 8 at Washington High School… [cont.]

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Former Md. Gov. Glendening,
EPA’s Stanislaus and Others to
Help Kick-Off Sep. 8 Event

The introduction to our week-long planning workshop in Ranson and Charles Town will feature national officials who back exactly the sort of comprehensive, collaborative effort the towns are undertaking.

The evening program begins at 7 p.m. on September 8 at Washington High School. For a complete schedule of the week, go here. And to get an overview of the workshop and its goals, check out the column to the immediate right… [cont.]

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Revitalizing Fairfax Boulevard: A key goal for September workshop

If there’s one dramatic indication of how Ranson and Charles Town intend to guide their futures, it will be the design, during the September 8-14 collaborative workshop, of a $1.4 million “Green Corridor” along Fairfax Boulevard and George Street.

The planning is made possible through a combination of federal grants, signaling the national interest in the kind of approach Ranson and Charles Town are exploring… [cont.]

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The Perfect Prelude:
Aug. 2 workshop a big hit

When acting Ranson city manager Andy Blake got the feeling that the scheduled August 2 workshop was going to attract more folks than everyone originally thought, he decided to switch the venue from the community room at City Hall to the larger Independent Fire Hall a block away.

Good thing. More than 50 people signed in on Tuesday night, listened to Ranson’s consulting team explain the process ahead and took part in an exercise to evaluate how the city currently devotes space to people, cars, buildings and green space… [cont.]

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Get Ready for Ranson’s Next Steps: August workshop to lay groundwork

On August 2 at the Independent Fire Company across from City Hall (note this is a new location), the City of Ranson and its consulting team welcome citizens and business people to a community conversation about building the future of Ranson.

The evening workshop will help set the agenda for a bigger event September 8-14, when the city, the team and citizens devote a week to customizing a model zoning approach for the entire city. To get the big picture of the process, check out the column to the immediate right.

During the August 2 session, we’ll meet together to discuss issues important to property owners, business folks, civic groups and others. We’ll also have city officials and staff present to listen to ideas, answer questions and focus attention on whatever gaps there might be between where we want to go and the policies and rules we need to get us there. Then, we’ll take what we learn and use that to shape the agenda for the September workshop… [cont.]

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