Get Ready for Ranson’s Next Steps: August workshop to lay groundwork

On August 2 at the Independent Fire Company across from City Hall (note this is a new location), the City of Ranson and its consulting team welcome citizens and business people to a community conversation about building the future of Ranson.

The evening workshop will help set the agenda for a bigger event September 8-14, when the city, the team and citizens devote a week to customizing a model zoning approach for the entire city. To get the big picture of the process, check out the column to the immediate right.

During the August 2 session, we’ll meet together to discuss issues important to property owners, business folks, civic groups and others. We’ll also have city officials and staff present to listen to ideas, answer questions and focus attention on whatever gaps there might be between where we want to go and the policies and rules we need to get us there. Then, we’ll take what we learn and use that to shape the agenda for the September workshop.

So what are we going to talk about August 2? And how are those conversations going to plug into the week-long workshop in September?

First of all, we’ll want to nail down some of the essential components of Ranson’s character, the kinds of things we want to make sure we’re protecting and enhancing as we plan for the future. Then, we’ll want to explore the tools we need to do that so we’re channeling growth in ways that position us to make the most of opportunities and equip us for coping with the inevitable challenges of the next few decades.

So join us for this important conversation. It will go fast, because we can build on what we’ve learned over a century and because we’ve designed a collaborative process that will respect your schedules. Go to the SCHEDULE section in the toolbar above to see dates and times to participate in person. And don’t forget, even if you can’t attend events, you can follow and comment on the process here on this website.