Next Steps for New Plans? Public discussions, Jan. 30, 31 & Feb. 1

Almost there.

That’s how we’d describe the work in progress towards new Ranson zoning options, an update of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, the Fairfax Boulevard plan, and the brownfield redevelopment plans addressed during fall, 2011 public meetings.

Here’s what happens next:

This map reflects new zoning assignments for Old Town properties. Click to review a larger version, together with the current draft of the new ordinance.
On Monday, January 30 at 7 p.m

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. at Charles Town City Hall, 101 E. Washington Street, there will a public meeting to discuss proposals for the Charles Washington Hall Commuter Center.

On Tuesday, January 31 at 7 p.m. at Ranson City Hall, 312 South Mildred Street, there will be a joint public workshop/hearing before the Ranson City Council and the Ranson Planning Commission. We’ll be reviewing together the latest edits of consulting team proposals emerging from the September 10-14, 2012 public workshop. On the agenda for discussion on January 31:

  • The proposed amendment to the Ranson Zoning Ordinance;
  • An update to the Ranson Comprehensive Plan;
  • Fairfax Boulevard concept plans; and
  • Area-wide brownfields redevelopment plans.

On Wednesday, February 1 at 5 p.m., also at Ranson City Hall, residents in neighborhoods along and adjacent to Fairfax Boulevard are invited to meet with consultants to talk about how design and engineering proposals for the Boulevard are expected to affect their properties.

To get up to speed before the meetings, review the proposed Comprehensive Plan update, along with the new zoning code option, here. Or you can review them in person at City Hall during regular office hours.

To get us to this stage in the process, residents, property owners and business folks have collaborated with staff and elected officials of both Ranson and Charles Town. There have been workshops and seminars, show-and-tell design reviews and presentations by the consulting team. There was even an historic joint working session for the Ranson and Charles Town Councils. To follow the entire process, check out the posts preceding this one.

For an overview of project goals, check out the column to the right of this one. Read here and here about the engagement process that enabled community collaboration. And to bore down into the specifics of the new zoning approach, which will serve as a rezoning for Old Town properties but an optional tool elsewhere, check out this post, then watch this video:

The plans and proposals that Ranson leaders and citizens are shaping amount to a significant change in the ways the City will approach future development and redevelopment, regulating for complete communities — compact, pedestrian-oriented, mixed use neighborhoods — rather than pods of separate land uses. So it’s a good time to update the City’s 2004 Comprehensive Plan, which is required by West Virginia law and which lays the foundation for land use planning strategy. Go here to read all about the 2004 Comprehensive Plan and the background for using the current process to revise it. And go here to review the work-in-progress update that will be discussed at the January 31 meeting.

These meetings are opportunities for City officials and citizens to review, correct and clarify proposals under consideration. Final approval and adoption of plans will be scheduled once edits are complete.

We’re almost there.